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How do I download the app?

The Top Gaff app is available on both the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices. Simply head to the relevant store on your device, go to search and type in “Top Gaff”. You can download the app from the results of the search or alternatively, by clicking the buttons below.

Which devices support the app?

Any iOS device running iOS 12.0 or higher and any Android device running Oreo (version 8) or higher supports the Top Gaff app.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up to Top Gaff using the mobile app or through our portal here. Open the Top Gaff app or portal and choose the “register” option. Once you fill out and submit the registration form, you will be asked to verify your email address. At this point you will have been sent a link via email, simply click the link within the email to verify your email address and you’re ready to start using Top Gaff.

How do I deactivate my account?

If at any point you wish to deactivate your account, you can do so using the Top Gaff app or portal.

To deactivate your account through the portal, you’ll need to log in and then find your name at the top right-hand corner of the page. Clicking on your name will reveal several options, click on “Deactivate Account” and follow the instructions displayed.

To deactivate your account through the app, click on the account icon at the top right of the screen, choose the “Deactivate Account” option and then follow the instructions displayed.

Please note that deactivating your account will flag your listings for deletion, and so your listings will be removed from Top Gaff and any property portals. A deactivated account requires email verification to reactivate.

How do I change my e-mail address?

You can change the email address associated with your Top Gaff account at any time using the portal or app.

Using the portal, simply log in and select your name at the top right of the screen to reveal a menu. Select “Change Email” address from the menu and enter your new email address in the following pop-up. Please be aware that your new email address will need to be verified for the change to take effect.

The process within the mobile app is coming soon but will be very similar. You will be able to change your email address by choosing the user icon at the top right of the screen and selecting “Change Email”. You will then be prompted to enter your new email address and verify it before using it to login.

Can I list my property overseas?


Can I advertise properties to let?

At the moment, we don’t do lettings.

Can I edit the listing after it’s gone live?

Editing properties is permitted once they have gone live. You have two options when editing listings; you can save as a draft or publish. If you choose to publish your edited listing whilst it is live, your changes will need to be approved by Top Gaff before updating the live listing. This is the same process as when publishing a new property.

Can I see how many people have viewed my listing?

This feature is not yet available on Top Gaff but will be planned for future release.

Can I pause my listing?

You can request for your listing to be removed from Top Gaff and any property portals by deselecting them as publish locations within your properties’ edit page. Your listing will remain saved in your user area for future re-publishing.

How do I remove my listing from Top Gaff/property portals?

You can request to have your listing removed from the live sites by deselecting the publish options from within the listing’s edit page, your listing will still be saved as a draft for later publishing. Alternatively, you can delete your listing entirely by pressing “Delete” at the bottom of the edit page.

Is there a way of pushing my profile to the top of the listing?

No, your property will be advertised in the price section and description that people are looking for, there are no tiers.

Can I advertise land?


Can I sell more than one property on the site?

Yes, as long as you are legally entitled to list it for sale and you are not an Estate Agent or being paid by a third party to sell a property. Top Gaff is for consumers only.

Can Top Gaff value my property?

Top Gaff only advertises property on behalf of its users, though we can offer advice if required on a recommended sale price.

Do I have to get my house professionally valued?

If you want a professional valuation, a local surveyor will be able to help you. Property portals have a list of similar properties in your area that have sold recently, take a look and get a feel of what similar properties are being advertised for. Search online for “sold in my street” to find valuable data to help you decide how much your property is worth.

How can I accurately measure my house/garden?

Your EPC provider will often also be able to provide a floor plan of your property with accurate measurements. We do not recommend taking a measurement of your garden yourself as the measurements need to be accurate in order to ensure you comply with the Property Misdescriptions Act.  Always include lots of photos of your house and garden on your Top Gaff listing, buyers love to see the property from all aspects.

How do I get a floor plan/EPC/conveyancer?

Simply search online for “EPC companies” and “conveyancers” in your area and choose the one that suits your needs.

Can I list my house for sale without an EPC/floor plan?

You must instruct a company to provide an EPC before selling your property and will have 7 days to submit the reference number provided by the EPC company.

Do I have to fill out all the questions on the listing form/what if I don’t know all the answers to the questions?

When creating a draft listing, the only required information is the property’s address. Once an address has been added to the listing, it will be saved and can be returned to at a later date. When publishing a listing, however, you must ensure that all questions have been answered and an ECP certificate has at least been ordered.

How long does it take for my listing to go live?

When you publish your listing, it will be reviewed by Top Gaff to ensure it meets certain standards. If the listing is approved, your listing will be displayed on Top Gaff and any property portals that have been chosen within 10 minutes of approval. We aim to review all listings within 24 hours of publishing.

How easy is it for me to upload a listing?

Top Gaff has stream-lined the property selling process. If you have an EPC certificate already, you can create, complete and send your listing for review all within 5 minutes! All we need are a few details about your property, an asking price, some photos and an EPC certificate.

If you don’t already have an EPC certificate, you can still publish your property and the process is just as simple. However, you will need to obtain an EPC certificate within 7 days and before a sale is agreed or we will be forced to remove your listing. Please ensure you have or have ordered an EPC before publishing your listing.

How do I upload my listing to Top Gaff?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the Top Gaff app and set up your user profile
  2. Enter your postcode and select your property
  3. Enter your asking price
  4. Enter details of your property as prompted by the app (e.g. number of bedrooms)
  5. Take some photos of your property and upload to the app
  6. Check and submit your property for review
  7. Upon approval, your listing will go live and be published to the chosen property portal(s)

How much will it cost me to advertise my house with Top Gaff?

99p! Download the app on iOS or Android for free and advertise your home for a tiny listing fee of 99p! There’s no commission or hidden costs. Optional in-app purchases are available for helpful 3rd party services.

Will I be able to find an overseas property on Top Gaff?


Can I advertise properties to let?

No. At the present time, the Top Gaff app is for buying and selling of residential property only. Future developments may include the addition of rental properties.

Is it safe to go to a person’s house for a viewing?

Both sellers and buyers should exercise caution when arranging a viewing. You should try to limit the viewing to within daylight hours and let someone else know that the viewing is taking place, such as family or friends. For extra security, it is a good idea to consider attending the viewing with a partner or friend.

If you are hosting a viewing as a seller, ensure your valuables and sensitive items are locked away or are out of sight, additionally, you should not leave the viewer unattended whilst they are in your property.

Lastly, if a window or door has been opened during the duration of the viewing, you should ensure it is secured once the viewer leaves.

How do I know the house I’m viewing is really the worth the price the seller has stated?

Research prices online for properties currently for sale and properties recently sold in the area you are buying. Search online for ‘sold in my street’ to find a wide range of property portals that provide valuable data. This information will help you make an informed decision about what the property is worth.

It is recommended that a professional valuation is carried out to make sure the property is in an acceptable condition and appropriate value. If you are arranging a mortgage then the lender will undertake a survey.

How do I save properties that I like?

This feature is not currently available but will be included in a future release.

I want more information on the property, how do I get in touch with the seller?

You can establish communication with a seller through the instant messaging feature within the Top Gaff app. The chat is secure and archived so it is a safe way to communicate with the seller directly and make your enquiries.

Can I get listings that match my criteria sent to e-mail (a property alert)?

No, we’re not a property listing company. However, you can set up property alerts directly on most property portals.

Are offers legally binding?

Before you make or receive an offer, you should take legal and financial advice from independent sources. Top Gaff is not responsible for offers or negotiations between parties. The app provides a secure messaging service and full chat history for your records. You can request a copy of your chat history to be sent by email.

Do I have to accept an offer made via the app?

No, you are not limited to accepting offers made via the app, likewise, you do not have to accept offers made via the app. Top Gaff recommends that you communicate with sellers/buyers via the Top Gaff app to ensure that your conversation history is safely stored in one place.

Do I have to use the app to contact the seller/make an appointment/make an offer?

Top Gaff won’t provide contact details of sellers or buyers other than using the built-in chat service. We do highly recommend that you use Top Gaff to communicate between buyers and sellers but you are not required to do so.

Do I have to give the buyer/seller my phone number or email address?

Only if you want to. However, we do suggest that you use the instant messaging service as your main platform of communication, in the interest of safeguarding and legal purposes.

Is my messaging / chat history secure?

Top Gaff encrypts your traffic and stores your data securely. Any communication within the app gets encrypted using SSL v3.0, so it will not make sense to anyone except us.

Do all of my communications have to be through Top Gaff?

It’s advisable that you keep communications through the app, where possible. Top Gaff archives chat history so that if you have any problems later on, everything is recorded in writing.

Can I set up e-mail notifications?

By default, Top Gaff sends email notifications for events such as new chat messages and reminders. In the future, you will be able to control which notifications you receive.

How do both parties get in touch with each other?

Once you’ve signed up for Top Gaff, you will have access to Top Gaff’s secure, instant messaging service which can be used for direct communication between the buyer and seller.

Take control over the sale of your home

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Take control over the sale of your home


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Get listed on property portals such as