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Who is Top Gaff?

The Top Gaff app is a ground-breaking new way to sell residential property in the UK. Top Gaff eradicates the need for traditional estate agents, giving consumers the ability to list their property for sale with Top Gaff, without the need to pay commission.

Is Top Gaff an estate agent?

Top Gaff is a registered agent with The Property Ombudsman (TPO) and subject to the ICO data protection regulations and as such takes the responsibility for reviewing all property submissions and photos before uploading properties for sale.  However, we are focused on changing the way residential property is sold in the UK by giving consumers the opportunity to work in partnership with Top Gaff throughout the process. Consumers will assist in communication with buyers and negotiations of the sale price via the secure in-app messaging.

Can Top Gaff sell my property?

You can sell your property from your phone using the Top Gaff app. We enable you to list your property for sale on property portals and Top Gaff. We are an estate agent sitting behind the scenes to make sure the property transactions and listings are in line with current regulations and on hand to give advice.

Are you regulated?

Top Gaff falls within the ICO data protection regulations. All property photos and descriptions are approved by Top Gaff prior to publication on web portals.

Who is behind Top Gaff?

Top Gaff was founded by 4 entrepreneurs from Essex. Their vision is to make selling your home fast and simple. You know your property better than anyone else; you know what it is worth and the benefits of living there. So tell the world and work in partnership with us to sell your home a better way! All you need is the Top Gaff app.

Top Gaff is a registered trademark of Parabar Gold Ltd.

What are the benefits of signing up for the Top Gaff app?

By using Top Gaff, you work in partnership with us, saving yourself potentially thousands in Estate Agent fees, time and effort.

Can Top Gaff give me legal or financial advice?


Who can use Top Gaff?

Top Gaff is exclusively for consumers who are buying and selling property in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Properties outside of these territories cannot be listed for sale using the Top Gaff app.

Who can’t use Top Gaff?

Top Gaff can’t be used to advertise anything other than residential property for sale in the UK.

How do I get in touch with Top Gaff?

You may contact us by phone on 0845 838 5209 or by email at We also have a library of information covering company information, use of the app, listing the property, buying a property, buyer/seller communication, general concerns and troubleshooting. If you cannot find an answer to your problem, please contact us and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Take control over the sale of your home

Break free from commission

Get listed on property portals such as


Take control over the sale of your home


Break free from commission

Get listed on property portals such as